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Filing for bankruptcy is an extremely personal decision that should only be started after receiving the best legal counseling prior to filing your application. In bankruptcy, a federal judge and court Trustee examine the assets and liabilities of individuals and business who are in a position that they are unable to pay their bills and decide whether to authorize discharge of those debts or reduce their indebtedness. There are requirements for approved Credit Counseling and Debtor Education for anyone filing a personal bankruptcy.

While filing for bankruptcy carries certain drawbacks where it will remain on your credit report for seven to ten years, you will be given a new start by relieving the stress and pressure of this financial oppression. You have the opportunity to reduce, restructure or eliminate your debt and begin anew. Too often in life we do not take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to help us stabilize our lives. This may be your opportunity to alleviate some or all of the financial difficulties Our office will assist in determining that best avenue for your specific situation, be it a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that releases you from the responsibility of your outstanding debts while allowing certain exemptions, or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, wherein you reorganize your debt and are required to repay a set amount while having the balance forgiven.

So, how do you determine the best course of action for your specific financial standing based on assets, income and liabilities? The Law Firm of James J. Cerbone is specialized in practicing this field of federal law and will guide you through the complex process of seeking Debt Relief or Bankruptcy, working with you all the way so that you benefit from this privilege to reorganize your financial indebtedness. Our office is a place where you can trust that your best interest will always be served and we do so with the utmost sense of privacy and urgency on your behalf. You can trust that the evaluation of your personal financial situation and subsequent discussions will assist you in making the correct decision for YOU.

Our firm has been a pillar in this area of law and has been providing the highest qualify legal services for New Jersey residence and business for over twenty-five years. We have the expertise and experience to render this service to you so that you can overcome your current financial circumstances and emerge on the other side with a positive approach to your financial future.

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