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Wage Garnishments

You find yourself digging deeper and deeper to make ends meet each month because your income cannot satisfy your bills. It is not for lack of trying, it is just your personal financial situation. What starts to happen? Bills that have been outstanding for a period of time are turned over to collection agencies. These agencies make attempts to collect the debts by harassing you. That really does not make any difference if you cannot afford the payments. Now, your creditors may decide to file a complaint into Court to recoup their losses. This legal filing can be against you for credit card bills, medical bills or any other outstanding debts. This is difficult to defend if this is a true and valid debt. Once the Court grants any creditor a Judgment for an outstanding valid debt, then and in that event the Creditor may proceed against you to create a Wage Garnishment. Judgments also attach to your real estate property in New Jersey as a valid lien which must be satisfied should you decide to sell your home. Now, as hard as it was before, it will even be more difficult. Your earned income will be reduced by the wage garnishment, leaving you that much less to live on and you often then find it impossible to get ahead.

If you find you and your family in this unfortunate situation, then please take immediate action to contact the Cerbone Law Firm to make an appointment to discuss your entire financial situation. Our firm, with over twenty-five years of experience, will patiently sit and review all of your financial documentation and make the very best recommendations to you as to your best direction to be taken to resolve your entire economic circumstances. Each and every case must be evaluated for the specific individual and you will receive the experienced attention that you need and deserve to renew your road to success. The sooner you act to help yourself, the sooner you will get passed these hard times, knowing that experienced help is available to you every step of the way. Your positive actions now are so important to start repairing your credit for your future. Doing nothing will certainly put your and your family in a precarious financial situation that will be more and more difficult to overcome as each day passes. Act now. We will be by your side. Just call our office to make an appointment for your consultation and you will be pleased with the attention that will be given to you. You can do this!!!!

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